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All of our IV formulas are made in house, with top-of-the-line ingredients, by Dr. Mariaclara Bago. Dr. Bago is constantly improving the formulas, ensuring that all wellness customers receive maximum benefits with every infusion!

Our Wellness IV, perfect for new patients, has served thousands of patients over the years and has helped alleviate chronic symptoms like inflammation, muscle pain, fatigue and stress. Check out all of our infusions below.

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IV Therapy Benefits

Benefit one
When you drink from a water bottle after a workout the tissues in your throat and along your digestive tract absorb most of the liquid. But, all of the tissues in your body need to be hydrated. That’s the reason you have to drink a lot of water to sufficiently hydrate yourself. Hydration IV therapy injects the fluids directly into your bloodstream so your body can deliver the fluids where you need them most. It’s a faster, more efficient way to hydrate your body
Benefit two
Nobody likes to be sick. Hydration IV therapy can help you avoid many common illnesses by providing you with a quick and efficient dose of immunity-boosting compounds like Vitamin C and Vitamin B12. Having these vitamins put directly into your bloodstream through IV therapy makes them much more effective than taking them orally. IV therapy is designed to get these immunity boosters to the parts of your body where you need them most.
Benefit three
Your brain needs to be well hydrated to work effectively or at its best. By the time you experience thirst, you are already dehydrated. At the earliest signs of dehydration, your brain begins to slow down. You don’t process information as quickly, and your memory may become impaired. Fluids keep your brain functioning properly. When you are well-hydrated, you make better decisions. However, the brain is one of the last places to get hydrated when you are only drinking fluids. Hydration IV therapy improves your cognitive functions much faster than just drinking water.
Benefit four
IV therapy flushes your body with clean fluids and helps improve the functioning of your vital organs. IV therapy allows your liver and kidneys to do their jobs more efficiently. Your kidneys and liver work to filter out toxins in your body and then eliminate those toxins. Drinking fluids often is too slow to allow your organs to get rid of all of the toxins that have built up. IV therapy quickly delivers the fluids in the proper amounts to all of your vital organs.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our vitamins are FDA approved and go through high levels of testing. All IVs are administered by a registered nurse and performed under a medical director. Before a client receives IV therapy, their health history is evaluated. Side effects from an IV drip are generally non-existent or very mild. On occasion, you may experience some discomfort, bruising, itching, inflammation, or redness at or around the site of injection, and this could last from a few minutes to several days. However, true allergic reactions are extremely rare.
The team at Dr. A&B Wellness offers IV therapy to address a wide range of health concerns and optimize your wellness. Some of the benefits include: Increased energy Improved immune health Cancer treatment support You may find that IV therapy can help you recover from hangovers and physical exertion quickly. Many patients find they get fewer coughs and colds, and feel better and more energetic overall. IV therapy may even enhance your appearance, lightening dark spots and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
If you’re in good health overall but are experiencing fatigue or other health issues, the team at Dr. A&B Wellness may recommend IV therapy. You have a comprehensive exam before receiving any treatment to identify your health issues and the best cocktail of vitamins and nutrients to address your needs. For example, if you’re having cancer treatment that’s impacting your appetite, you may find that IV nutrition therapy helps you get all the nutrients your body needs to stay strong. Alternatively, athletes and physically active patients may opt for IV therapy to boost their performance and reduce recovery times.
The temporary discomfort from placing the IV in is far outweighed by the benefits you’ll see with IV nutrient therapy. We have highly trained medical professionals administering the IV, so you won’t be poked unnecessarily!
Depending on your state of wellness, nutritional demands, and hydration status, you may see dramatic effects immediately. People who get regular IVs will feel less pronounced effects as their body begins to obtain optimal balance. In healthy individuals, IVs can safely be used on a daily basis but realistically; most people do not need daily therapy. A typical dosage is usually weekly or bi-weekly, but your IV therapy should always be tailored to your needs.

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